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Habitat and Raptor Surveys

 RJS has conducted numerous Habitat Surveys and Raptor Surveys in the Greater Vancouver area. Raptors are generally defined as birds of prey, and include eagles, hawks, falcons, osprey, herons, and owls. Habitat Surveys

Under section 34 of the Wildlife Act, a person commits an offence if they possess, take, injure, molest or destroy a bird, its nest or its eggs.

The conservation of raptors and their habitat is an essential part of environmentally responsible land stewardship. In many cases, raptor nests are present in land that has already been developed.

It is important, if raptor nests are expected to occur at a site being considered for sale, purchase, development, or for baseline documentation, that a raptor survey be conducted, and the nests protected by law or B.C. Best Management Practices (MOE, 2005). 

A Raptor Survey / Habitat Survey provides a general habitat assessment, which involves a visual inspection and photographic documentation of the subject property, and a detailed description of the flora and fauna observed, or are expected to occur, at the subject property.

Raptor / habitat surveys are not costly or time-consuming, but they can significantly contribute to the protection of raptors and native habitat, and to the value of the land itself. 

The main components of a raptor surveys are:

  • General Habitat Description;
  • Raptor Nest Survey;
  • Wildlife Description; and
  • Summary

The habitat report describes existing species of plants and animals within the subject area (both observed and expected). The report also identifies and describes any raptors or raptor nests observed, and an assessment of opportunities for raptor use, such as perching and foraging sites at the subject property and surrounding area.

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